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Black Blood - Melissa Pearl Another great book in the trilogy.

The Blurb:

Gemma's parents have put enough rules around her relationship with Harrison that she feels like she's living on parole. But she wins one battle—a summer job working for Harrison's step-father. It is the perfect chance to spend the steamy, hot Florida days with her boyfriend. It's also a great distraction from the cellphone hiding in her underwear drawer—her only contact with Gabe, the mystery man who's stalking her.

When she confronts Gabe, he tells her that her parents are not who she thinks they are, and Harrison has the gall to believe him. Surrounded by conflict, Gemma doesn't know what to believe, and it takes a trip back in time for her to glimpse the sickening truth.

Thanks to her parents, she returns to the present to find the love of her life no longer exists. His family line was broken and now, so is she.

This betrayal forces her to seek out Gabe. Setting aside her fear of the truth, she must trust this man and learn what he can teach her... otherwise, she'll never get her boyfriend back.

So this book reminded me a little of Back to The Future Part III. Harrison is missing for most of the book, erased from history by Gemma's parents. I loved how evil they became in this book – Gemma said there was nothing they could do to stop her seeing Harrison, she was wrong!

In this second book of the trilogy Gemma learns more about her family and the mysterious Gabe. She also learns more about her time-travelling abilities but this is very much a "middle" book in the trilogy setting things up for the grand finale.

There are the same small spelling issues in this book – in fact some of the ones I quoted for book 1 may have been from book 2 – but they are few in number (less than five) and don't spoilt the overall enjoyment of the book.