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My Side - Tara Brown Hmmm

Reasonably well written, no repetition of annoying words (I hear what one reviewer said about sneering and it is somewhat overused as the default expression on the female's face), a couple of minor typos (bother instead of brother).

Predictable New Adult romance - good girl meets bad boy indie rocker and attraction ensues.

I just felt that it went on a bit too long, some things were a bit wham-bang-thank-you-ma'am (Gerry's relationship) and the brother's involvement. I didn't think that some of the plot lines really advanced any stories, they were more like fluff to pad out the book. Also there appeared to be a whole slew of 'things' which required the female lead to drop everything and rush to the male lead - even if she had just broken things off with him "for good".

So, pleasant enough read, just felt too long towards the end