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Vampire State of Mind - Jane Lovering So I really enjoyed this - it felt like the start of a series, the world building was looking that way and then bish, bash, bosh it's all finished...

In 1910 a magnetic field shift resulted in beings from other worlds crossing to earth - beings such as vampires, werewolves, ghouls etc. In 1927 the Otherworlders and the humans engaged in a global war which only ended with the treaty of Aberystwyth in 1988.

Jessica is a put-upon council employee of York. Her job is to make sure the Otherworlders stay in their designated areas. Underpaid and overworked she and her colleague Liam are holed up in a grotty council office with substandard equipment.

Jess obviously has a 'thing' with one of the vampires, Sil, the ruler of York no less. A lot of strange things start to happen, a mild-mannered vampire deliberately leaves his territory to warn Jess. Two Enforcement Agents try to kill her and a strange Otherworld competition is mysteriously moved to York - all in a matter of days.

I enjoyed the York setting and the world building but everything felt a bit rushed, maybe because I was reading this in short bursts over a couple of days, things that would otherwise have taken at least several chapters are done in less than one. It felt as though all that world building had gone to waste.

Jess was well-written as a character, I understood her fears and anxieties but I didn't really feel the same about Sil. He seemed to be a mishmash of three or four different characters (or do I just mean he was inconsistent). I didn't understand his motivations or why he behaved the way he did – maybe I just thought his 'issue' was weak?

Anyway, but for the abrupt ending I would have given this a four star review but the unsatisfactory Sil situation together with the rushed ending dropped it down to a three – maybe three and a half.

This is the third of Jane Lovering's books that I have read – all are very different but very enjoyable.