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Shadowed Threads (Rylee Adamson, #4) - Shannon Mayer This was hard for me to get into.

O'Shea and Rylee start the book separated, seemingly permanently. There seems to be a lot of rushing around back and forwards as Rylee seems a bit lost (literally and figuratively). At one point I felt Rylee had so many enemies (most of whom seemed invincible) that I couldn't figure a way out for her without some crappy deus ex machina switcheroo.

So I abandoned the book for a day or two - read a whole slew of Sherrilyn Kenyon books - and then came back to the novel today.

Wow, wow, wow. There were none of the "issues" I had with the previous book (set in England but a few niggly errors about the English) - probably because I don't know enough about France, Poland or Venice to get niggly about (did you see the double standard there? I only care about accuracy when it concerns something I know about). Anyway, I digress.

We got lots of answers in this book, still lots of questions - although most of them are new ones, new creatures, prophecies, new friends, new enemies, a few WTF moments, more deaths and a big fat awwwwwwwwwwww.

For fans of the previous books I would say this is just as good, just as foul-mouthed, just as kick-assed, just as rich and just as fast-paced. I can't wait for number five!