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The Path to Freedom - Lisa Pietsch Wow, I read these out of order because books 2 and 3 were free on Amazon UK - I liked them so much I circled around and bought the first book, a short story and the fourth book.

A solid 3.5 stars - no, you know what, I'm going to make it 4 stars - I liked it that much.

Our heroine gets booted out of the airforce for being overweight, despite several warnings. Devastated she goes to visit her boyfriend, only to find him in bed with another man - apparently he thought she knew she was his beard! The airforce hasn't paid Sarah enough to live so she is now seriously oveweight, jobless, boyfriendless and soon to be homeless. Before he kicked her out of the airforce her commanding officer gave her a business card for a fat camp which would be free to ex-military - with nothing else to lose she decides to go, at lest she won't have to worry about food or accomodation.

It turns out that the fat camp is a secret CIA training camp for Dark Ops work. 13 weeks later and 75 pounds lighter Sarah is a changed woman - at least on the outside. And she has been recruited as a honey-trap for Task Force 125.

Reading the books out of order the first book did feel a leetle over-explained (certainly when compared to the second and third) but what a great set of books. Sarah is a kick-ass heroine WHO DOESN'T CHANGE. Yep, you heard it, she starts off a foul-mouthed, argumentative, hard-smoking woman and she stays that way.

Throughout the book Sarah holds her own, she fights, she wins, she picks up men and drops them with no hard feelings, she stands no nonsense from anyone. And she sows up a group of ex-marines, SEALs, Army Rangers etc.

I would recommend this for fans of Kate Daniels who also enjoy military romances and don't mind swearing. Ms Pietsch has gone onto my "buy anything from this author" list.