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Priceless (Rylee Adamson, #1) - Shannon Mayer Wow, I really enjoyed this book.

There were some really interesting twists/slants[?] on traditional portrayals of stock paranormal breeds such as vampires, werewolves and witches.

The story was interesting and fast-paced leaving lots of arcs to be progressed in the next book (or more).

I'm keen to learn more about all of the characters in the next book (which I have just downloaded for my Kindle) and what happens next. Gotta love a book which is complete in itself and yet leaves the reader with a whole host of questions such as:

But he didn't really, did he?
So who was he?
And what about the warlock, hmm?
What do the blue socks signify?
Will she - I expect she will?
What did she mean?
Why did the Coven do that?
Will she stay in the barn?
What about Alex?

I thought the writing was good, I only spotted one type "you're friends" for "your friends", and I enjoyed the skilful way that the author switched between first person POV for Rylee and third person POV for others. Anyone who has read my reviews knows that I have a pet hatred of the first person POV but having read this book I have decided it is because first person POV is often done so VERY, VERY badly rather than an intrinsic hatred of the form.