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So I don't think the Amazon blurb does a very good job of describing the book because it refers to something that happens quite near the end as if it is the start of the story - very confusing.


So Alex is a fantastic driver and wants to drive formula 1 cars, but of course she is a girl and so no formula 1 team will give her a chance, even though she is winning every single formula 3 race she enters. At the start of the book she is giving driving lessons at a race track in performance cars - think stag day racing!


Rob has just inherited a formula 1 team, plus his father's toy factory (which apparently operates from inside the family home?). He has resigned his position as CEO (I think) of a lingerie company to come back and run the family businesses. To get a better feel for the formula 1 business he books a test drive with Alex's company. He drives badly, she mocks him (not realising that he could give her a dream job) and she drops him off in the village to get a cab. For some reason despite the mocking and anger between them Rob kisses Alex as he gets out of the car.


In order to shore up the failing formula 1 business the company decides to try to win new sponsors and gain publicity by hiring a female driver (a move suggested by Rob after his meeting with Alex). The catch? The driver must contribute £200,000 personally.


Then Alex's mother announces she has a rare form of cancer, treatment for which is only available privately for £80,000.


Alex's ultimate boss, MacCameron, is a creepy rich guy who keeps hitting on her. He offers her the money for her mother and the buy-in to the formula 1 team so long as Alex does what he asks. As they are agreeing the contract terms he slips a date-rape drug into her champagne and tries to molest her. Whilst under the influence of the drugs she signs the contract.


Most of the story concerns Alex's trials and tribulations as a racing driver with a management team who treat her like a bimbo and dress her in sexy revealing clothes rather than the safety clothing she should be dressed in. For one reason or another Alex spends a lot of time in press conferences apologising for her behaviour.


Rob and Alex become friends but she discovers MacCameron is even more sinister than she first believed. How can she and Rob become close when MacCameron is out to ruin Rob and his family?


MacCameron is killed and there are a whole host of suspects.


So, plot summary over (at last). I enjoyed the book. It did read a bit like a cross between an Agatha Christie whodunnit and a chicklit novel with a nod to Downton Abbey with ocassional nods at James Bond/the Bourne trilogy.


It was well-written and engaging, I would definitely read more from this author although the killer's identity was fairly predictable.