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Hope Entangles: A New Adult Romantic Comedy (Book 2 of 3)

Hope Entangles - Alice Bello 3 and half stars really

So, up front, the author emailed me a free copy of the book because I emailed her about the first book in the trilogy. I assume it was because she wanted an honest review but she didn't say so (she gets one anyway). However, I also believe that it was free on Smashwords so why not have a look. Free Coupon Code: JB49F.

Going back to my review of the first book I concluded:

Ok, so going back to my opening line, I don't know how to classify/rate this book. It is nice and sweet, something I could let me grandma read, until it isn't. It is well-written, dare I say articulate, until she uses that phrase. It is a light fluffy romantic comedy with references to the bible and popular culture, until that ending.

Well I first want to thank Alice for answering one of my questions from the first book - we now know why Hope doesn't remember Jake from High School (I like to think that Alice put that in just for me - don't shatter my illusions).

In this second book Hope and Jake aren't together. She is in a pit of despair and he isn't much better. Welcome back to the nympho neighbour Bette and the delectable Darla. Billy and Georgia get a brief mention as well. Also we finally meet Hope's mother - the Librarian from Hell.

Great pop-culture references to Hello Kitty, Buffy and all things Patrick Swayze.

Hope has a new neighbour - Raphael. Just like Jake, Raphael seems just a little too good to be true: great coffee maker, great cook, genius inventor, stunning looks, funny , wealthy, extraordinarily generous to his extended family and willing to dance one-on-one with a gay man at a public event .

Another short novella but really sweet (no icky words in this book thank heavens), a couple of typos but nothing that made me want to beat my head against a wall.

Yes, the set up was obvious from the get go but there is plenty of fun to be had on the ride and we hear the story of the scar and why Hope can’t paint.

Very much looking forward to reading the third part of the book – perhaps Ms Bello could then turn her hand to stories about some of the other characters? I know I'd love to read them.