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Forever Alexa - Cate Beauman 2.5 stars

Jackson and Alexa were in lurve in college. He left and joined the police force, things began to get on top of him and in a fit of panic he broke up with Alexa. A few weeks later he realises what a monumental mistake he's made and goes back to the campus to beg her forgiveness. When he gets there he sees her laughing and holding hands with another guy so he drives off.

Three to five years later Alexa and her younger sister Abby are driving home with Alexa (and Jackson's) daughter. They stop at a petrol station and Abby gets abducted in broad daylight. It turns out that there have been a series of simialr brazen abductions of young women - the police believe that it is a gang of people traffickers. The kidnappers call Alexa and threaten her, she believes that they have killed Abby and are coming after her. A local cop sees Alexa and her daughter, recognises the daughter's resemblance to Jackson and mentions (casually)that Jackson works for a top security company in LA. In desperation Alexa goes to LA to beg for Jackson's help protecting their daughter and rescuing Abby.

Alexa and Jackson have never stopped loving each other and quickly gloss over the past as Jackson falls in love with his daughter.

At this point everything was good - the suspense about Abby's situation was good, the romance was on track etc. Then Alexa lost the plot for me. She is a school teacher (young children at that) but she went off like Clint Eastwood trying to rescue Abby and refusing to listen to skilled professionals. If Ms Beauman wanted her to act like that she should have made her a small town sheriff or an FBI profiler - something to justify why she felt her judgement was superior to that of law enforcement and top notch security specialists. Her stupidity ruined the book for me and I ended up finishing it just so that I could get it off my Kindle.

Words can't describe how irritating I found Alexa, her character didn't ring true - or it did but it was sooooo annoying I could strangle her.

In my opinion this would have worked better if the Police were urging Alexa to do something contrary to what Jackson and the security team were saying. That way her blind insistence on doing the opposite of what Jackson told her would have more validity. Also, why can't any of these men (and I include the police in this comment) sit her down and tell her that she will get her sister killed if she doesn't do what they tell her? And I'm sorry, but if the police and FBI were hellbent on catching this "kingpin" wouldn't they have undercover people there? And wouldn't they already know he was having a birthday party?

And Abby's situation with the traffickers didn't ring true - was she a book-keeper or a dancer?

Generally I thought the whole thing was full of inconsistencies and plot holes - very disappointing.