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Morgan's Hunter - Cate Beauman Hmm, pleasant enough. Hunter is a war veteran suffering from PTSD and survivor's guilt gets a job as a bodyguard for Morgan, a woman whose team mates have been shot in a seemingly motiveless crime.

On a trip to Yellowstone to try to complete her team mates' work and find out some answers about their murders Morgan and Hunter undercover a secret and illegal gold mining operation in the park. The rangers whose jobs are to protect the park are in league with the illegal miners and everyone wants Morgan and Hunter dead.

I found the romance rather unrealistic. Morgan falls in love with Hunter even though he doesn't trust her, withholds valuable information about her friends' deaths, never shares any personal details and treats her like a recalcitrant two year old.

I found Ms Beauman's writing style to be almost too brief, I think that the maudlin introspection favoured by the New Adult/Young Adult genre is tedious beyond belief but perhaps a little more build up could have been given.

Hunter blew hot and cold, one minute he couldn't keep his hands off Morgan, despite the fact that they are having an argument, the next minute he walks away without a backwards glance - didn't ring true.

I'll give the next book in the series a go, see if the characters fell less wooden.