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Tiger Magic -  Jennifer Ashley I wasn't sure about this book - whilst I thought that Tiger was an intriguing enigma I was concerned that his isolation would make him an unsympathetic character, or at least one I found difficult to root for romantically.

But I was wrong, Jennfier Ashley has made Tiger a strong silent type and some of his childlike behaviour actually tumrs out to be far more prescient than anyone realises.

I liked Carly, especially the way she stands up to Liam and the other Alphas - in the earlier books some of their high-handedness was just on the borderline of disturbing me - some other authors make shifter dominance scary and misogynist but Jennifer Ashley has (in my opinion) edged further away from that ledge with each book.

I like the reveal at the end of the book - not what I was expecting but totally believable in terms of what had gone before - although I do find that hard to reconcile with the actions of the scientists who mistreated Tiger [sorry for being cryptic but I don't want to spoil it for others].

I am also intrigued by the first chapter of the next book - I have been waiting for this shifter's book for a while and will be interested in the character development ...

This series has developed from one in which I was initially a bit hesitant into one where I pre-order. 'Nuff said.