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Pitch Perfect (Boys of Summer, #1) - Sierra Dean Hmmm, not sure what to say about this one.

I love Sierra Dean’s Secret series so I was predisposed to love this too. Funny thing, I’ve noticed that I don’t get on well with authors that I consider to be paranormal writers writing contemporary romance – in most cases it is (I think) because the heroes of paranormal novels can be more alpha than is acceptable in a ‘real’ man.

In this case, that wasn't the issue. It was more that the book was too nice, even the raunchy sex scenes don’t stop me from viewing this as a PG-13 story. There’s no angst, no tension, no drama. There was never any doubt in my mind that Tucker would get his perfect game.

Emmy and Tucker were just too nice. Alex was nice, Jasper was nice, the little we saw of Alice was nice, even Simon was nice.

At the end, I was just left with the question “why did Sierra Dean write this book? Did it demand to be written? If so, why?”. Maybe I'm desensitised to ‘normal’ from overdosing on the high angst NA/YA novels but this just felt a little “so what?”.

On the upside I learned a little about baseball – previously a closed book.