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Hailey's Truth - Cate Beauman Okay, ignore the updates got books 3 and 4 conflagrated.

Hailey has had a hard life, born to a drug-addicted prostitute she was lucky to be fostered by a loving couple who gave her a great life until they were tragically killed in a car accident a week before her 15th birthday. Hailey's adopted parents had recently fostered a little boy, the two children survived the crash but were separated and put into care.

It's 10 years later, Hailey's the sometimes nanny to Sarah's daughter Kaylee. She's had the hots for Austin since book 1 or at least the start of book 2. Hailey is at college, studying I don't know what and has been selected to take part in Project Mexico for three months – Ethan's security firm has the contract to provide security to the team from the college for the duration. Hailey has reconnected with her brother and is desperately trying to get him to turn his life around. He has lived on the streets and been arrested for drug peddling – little does Hailey know his rap sheet is far worse.

Austin is very happy with his single man life, he doesn't want the settled down with two kinds and a white picket fence. He left home at 18 to join the Navy and as far as he is concerned he is living the high life. But he has been drawn to Hailey ever since he first met her – but he can see that she is looking for a husband and children, not to mention the fact that she is Ethan and Sarah's nanny.

Hailey's brother somehow (the details are vague) gets drawn into working for the Zulas (a Mexican Mafia) and Donte someone-or-another, the young and handsome leader of the gang/Mafia. There is a sketchily described plot involving expanding the drugs business through/into Cozumel which quite frankly I didn't understand but allegedly hinged on Hailey's being in Mexico for the college project which would act as a front!? I didn't understand why a member of the Mexican Mafia (can they be a Mafia if they are in Mexico?) would need to break into the Mexican market, or if it was to establish a route to the US, why he needed to be in Mexico.

Anyway, Hailey and Austin connect quite early on in the book – she's always at the house looking after Kaylee, he's always just hanging around waiting for orders. In a twist of fate they live in the same apartment building on the same floor. One day Austin hears Hailey's brother (who is sharing her apartment) in a fight – he hears the conversation and sees the guys as they leave Hailey's apartment. He realises that Hailey's brother is still involved in drug dealing and recognises the other men's tattoos as gang symbols. This sets up the whole non-suspense plot. Austin hears/sees something and concludes something (usually that Hailey's brother is b.a.d.). He either won't tell Hailey about it (for her own good – because she's a GIRL) or presents circumstantial evidence as proof. Hailey says "that doesn't prove anything" (and she's right) and he goes off into one (sorry, went a bit colloquial there) saying "you just won't see the truth when it's right in front of you". Over and over and over again.

I just wanted to bang their heads together!

Hailey finally accepts "proof" that her brother is a b.a.d. man who works for a very bad man when the dean shows her a copy of his police record showing he has more than just a minor drugs offence. Just as she is about to leave the island she decides to go to the very bad man's yacht to "tell her brother off". Even though she is booked on a flight (the timing in the book appears to slip a bit here because she sends a text from the dinghy taking her from the yacht which is received by the rest of the team at the airport as her flight is boarding – she could never have made that plane even if things hadn't gone wonky!) that is leaving ANY MINUTE. This is the point that I decided she was TSTL.

Ethan was the least objectionable of the heroes to date. Apart from his inability to distinguish facts/proof from shocking coincidence/circumstantial evidence.

I am starting the next one but only because it is the last one on my Kindle and I'll be *&%!ed if I'll let them defeat me.