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Embattled Minds (Lost and Found, #2) - J.M. Madden Another nice romance in the Lost and Found series telling the story of Zeke and Ember (OK the names aren't great but I'll get over it).

The USP for this series is that each of the heroes (so far) is a war vet who has suffered physical damage as a result of their service. In the first book John Palmer is in a wheelchair, in this book Zeke has severe facial and body scarring. The series is named after the detective agency Lost and Found which was set up by another differently-abled veteran to give similarly affected veterans utilise their considerable skills in civilian life.

There was no suspense in this novel, instead it deals with the long term effects of PTSD on veterans and the dangers of further surgeries on these veterans.

Treated differently this could be very patronising but the author clearly either has direct experience or great empathy for veterans whose injuries unnecessarily sideline them in civilian life when they have so many skills. Anyway, she's not on a soapbox for disabled rights - she is simply making them the centre-stage heroes and it makes a nice change.