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Born of the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon So didn't know what to think about this book.

Some of it was unbelievably clunky - it's definitely showing its age. Parts of the book, particularly the emotional scenes felt more tell than show.

I found the world building quite difficult to follow - I couldn't keep the races and the names straight in my mind. It felt as though this was the fourth or fifth book in the series and therefore all of these things were well known. I couldn't get the planets straight either.

And can I just say AGAIN I hate men with long hair, I don't think it's sexy I think its creepy! Especially since they always tie it back - why bother having long hair?

I have been reading a lot (and I mean A LOT) of NA/YA fiction and romantic suspense novels recently and thought I would read this as a palate cleanser. But something that has become increasingly obvious from reading all these books is how often people (usually, but not exclusively, the hero) make decisions AND DON'T TALK IT THROUGH. I get that Nykyrian is the most wanted assassin in the universe (although he seems to walk around pretty freely on several planets) and his enemies would use Kiara to get to him. But, why oh why can't he tell her that. Why can't he man up and say "I love you more than life itself (well it is a sci-fi romance) but being with me is too dangerous for you and our unborn child. 'Though it kills me to do this I think it would be better that we remain apart. We could never have a safe life together with this hanging over us." Instead, like all these heroes, he makes a decision AND THEN CAN'T FOLLOW THROUGH. Sheesh, I thought he was supposed to be a bad ass assassin.

And don't get me started on the abandoned as a baby plot. It beggars belief that he uses his REAL NAME and no-one spots that he is the long lost son. Not even his evil twin? Everyone thought his mother was mad for believing he was still alive? Yet his father didn't even humour her by sending out a search party? They've thought her mad for what 25 years? But there they were happily having lunch together with their long lost son. And why wouldn't they invite his twin? And his parents knew his adopted father – but never met him?

Kiara's father's motivation seemed off – I didn't understand why he did anything that he did.

And where was Rochin? And who was he with? And why?

All in all it was messy, and yet I'm kind of interested in reading the next one! Go figure.