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Night Pleasures - Sherrilyn Kenyon So, way late to the party I have restarted the Dark-Hunter series. I read Ms Kenyon's BAD series last year and loved it. I read her League series over the last few weeks and enjoyed it but had serious reservations about the Dark-Hunter series. I read the first book ages ago and found it a bit twee - a sex slave in a bottle! When I tried to read book 1.5 Dragonswan I gave up in disgust - it felt old-fashioned and too much like the books obsessed with Highlanders (Don't get the obsession and hate the accent written down).

But as I said, I had finished the League series so I decided to give Dark-Hunters another go.

I found the first few pages off-putting - the cliché of a normal woman in a family of witches/goths etc looking for a normal boyfriend was a big yawn. Also, not a fan of books with heroes who are from ancient Greece (or anywhere ancient) - hate the archaic language attitudes.

But then it changed - anyone who references Buffy and Angel can do no wrong in my book. Amanda was sarcastic and I loved her. Kyrian was thoroughly modern and I loved everything about them - especially Nick and his vampire gags.

So, the plot, Kyrian is a Dark-Hunter, has all the traits of a vampire but actually is a vampire hunter (although the bad vampires are called Daimons). A Daimon called Desi is trying to kill Kyrian. As it turns out Desi has some unusual powers and prophecy says he can only be killed by a Dark-Hunter with a soul - all Dark-Hunters lose their souls when they agree to become Dark-Hunters. The only way to regain a soul involves draining their powers completely then dying whilst their true love holds a disc, which encases the soul, to their chest.

Obviously Kyrian and Amanda fall in love. However, Kyrian has been betrayed by a woman he loves before and cannot trust Amanda. Parts of his life before he became a Dark-Hunter have not been resolved and they form his weakness which Desi will exploit.

I liked Kyrian and Amanda. I also liked the world of the Dark-Hunters and was intrigued by the hints of a back story between Acheron (the first Dark-Hunter) and Artemis (the creator of the Dark-Hunters). Several other Dark-Hunters were introduced and I could see how the series would continue with each Dark-Hunter finding his soul mate. What will interest me is how Ms Kenyon will explain how only 5 or 6 Dark-Hunters have ever regained their souls in the past 11,000 years (or whatever) and yet, given the number of books in the series so far, 25 Dark-Hunters are soon to regain their souls shortly. Will she do a Kresley Cole and attribute it to a convergence of celestial circumstances?

Anyway, having read this I am keen to continue the series.