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Night Embrace - Sherrilyn Kenyon After loving Night Pleasures I was so-so about Night Embrace which centres on Sunshine and Talon. Sunshine is an artist, slightly ditzy, who lives above a biker bar owned by her father. Talon is an ancient Celt Dark-Hunter cursed by the god Camulus.

It's almost Mardi Gras and the Daimons are gathering to par-tay. Acheron drafts in more Dark-Hunters to help guard New Orleans including Zarek, a psychotic Dark-Hunter who was banished to Alaska 900 years ago (I found this inconsistent, one minute we are told that there are thousands of Dark-Hunters the next we are asked to believe that Zarek is the only one available).

It turns out that Camulus, Acheron's evil twin brother Styxx and Artemis' brother Dionysus (yes, him) are conspiring to take over the world by releasing a Big Bad (as Buffy would say). The only way to d this is using Acheron's blood so they need to divide the Dark-Hunters to ensure he is alone and vulnerable.

Like Kyrian before him, Talon's past is his weakness - he loses self-control when his loved ones are in danger and acts irrationally. Also, it seems that Sunshine is acting strangely like his wife - can she be Tynian reincarnated? If so, who does Talon really love - Sunshine or Tynian?

This felt a bit more old-school than Night Pleasures. Hero tortured by mistakes in his past, afraid to fall in love because it will put her life in danger, evil Gods conspiring to unleash the Big Bad (for no good reason) and everything resolved due to a secret no-one knew.