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Dance with the Devil - Sherrilyn Kenyon The story of Zarek and Astrid.

Zarek has had a truly awful first life. A literal whipping boy for his father and half-brothers, victimised by his fellow slaves because they hated his father he was sold into slavery and eventually tortured and executed for a crime he didn't commit - accused by his mistress to cover up for her lover. As a Dark-Hunter he hasn't fared any better, banished to Alaska for 900 years for killing all the humans in his village he has no friends and no Squire.

Following his disastrous trip to New Orleans he is returned to Alaska, the squires have decided to kill him and Artemis wants to unleash the Thanatos to kill him. Acheron alone wants Zarek to live and persuades Artemis to submit Zarek to impartial judgement. Astrid is a nymph, youngest sister to the three fates, who has been a judge for thousands of years; in which time she has never found anyone to be innocent. Astrid fears she is losing her compassion - only books can evoke feelings in her.

Zarek is being pursued by Daimons, Thanatos, a pack of squires and Dark-Hunters. He is ambushed and shot in the back by the only person he considers to be a friend. Wounded he crawls away and is rescued by Astrid who needs to spend time with him to determine whether he is guilty or innocent.

Astrid shares Zarek's dreams and memories and empathises with the terrible things that happened to him, she begins to understand why he cannot trust others.

I enjoyed this book - my only criticism was that it was too far away from all the rest of the Dark-Hunters in New Orleans. Also it seemed as though everyone judged Zarek badly and treated him badly even when it transpired that he was generous to lots of people in the local community - I mean, he pays over the odds at the only store in town for everything and yet no-one thinks he might be the anonymous person who donates lots of money and presents to the poor every Christmas? Sheesh!

Also the Artemis/Acheron dynamic is starting to feel forced. Acheron is the most powerful person around so he has to be kept out of the way in order for the plot to unfold? But then he can add his strength/thoughts to Zarek? And why did Zarek's judgement have to be a secret? Why did the Dark-Hunters allow the squires to go off on a rampage to kill Zarek? Why would the Dark-Hunters employ squires who were so vindictive and spiteful as to destroy Zarek's home "just because"?

I am enjoying this series although I still think the sarcasm was highest in book 2 which was my favourite so far.