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Sins of the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon a 3.5 star really

The story of a new "other", the Alexion and a female Dark-Hunter Danger.

This was one of the most enjoyable books of the series so far for me. I think there are several reasons:

1.The Alexion's angst is very real. He can only spend 10 days in corporeal form because he is a Shade - he was the first Dark-Hunter who tried to regain his soul but his wife dropped his soul, condemning him to life as a Shade

2. We get to find out much more about Acheron and Simi.

3. I could see Stryker's plot working - some of it I didn't understand, how could Stryker tell people about the Alexion (or is he immune because he is a demigod?) but the combining truth with lies and working on people's jealousy and fears seemed very plausible. Also the way that he didn't give any of the Dark-Hunters time to collect rational arguments to refute his claims was very Machiavellian.

One thing I also liked was that Danger easily foiled Stryker's evil plot - just as we were all thinking "oh no, the evil Stryker has given our fair hero a no-win situation", Danger turns around and says "ta da, all fixed!" Stryker traps the soul of a weak innocent in the Alexion's corporeal form and tells him he must kill himself or the soul will be condemned to be a Shade. The Alexion is maddened by the soul's voice in his head and contemplating stabbing himself to free it when Danger stabs him through the heart. Since the Alexion cannot be killed by others (he just poufs into dust and then reforms) the soul escapes and the Alexion is saved.

Having just re-read the final chapter I also liked that the Alexion also called Stryker's bluff – very clever.

However, I was slightly confused by the villain – it was only as I wrote this review that I realised that the villain was Stryker and not Styx, I wondered how Styx had a son called Urian!