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Seize the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon Whoops, forgot to review this one!

I loved the relationship between Valerius and Tabitha. Both of them have been misunderstood (or subtly rewritten in this book) by those around them. Valerius is portrayed as an arrogant snob, Tabitha as an uncontrollable, scatty vampire-hunter wannabe but this novel shows each of them in a more gentle light.

Tabby's gentle (and not so gentle) teasing of Val (and boy does he hate that nickname) is great to read.

This book also progresses the overriding arc significantly with several longstanding secondary characters dying and Ash and Simi's relationship.

The only thing I found hard to stomach was the way in which all the Dark-Hunters and their Squires and pretty much everyone else hated Val for what appeared to be the flimsiest of reasons. Especially since most of them would hate to be judged by the actions of their own father or grandfather. I guess I find it hard to believe that a nice person would actually go so far as to not try to save a fellow Dark-Hunter when he was being attacked even if he did despise him. Similarly, actively encouraging people to throw rubbish/rank water over someone for walking down the street is not an honourable thing to do – especially when that person has never done anything to you personally. Finally, physically assaulting/torturing people, as Zarek does to Val, just for fun also goes against the grain. Fine, don't speak to them, ignore them, disbelieve everything they say, walk out of a room when they enter it – but don't act that way. I suppose the message behind my diatribe is that in order to make us empathise with Val, Ms Kenyon makes all her other (male) characters behave in way which is counter to their previous behaviour.

I think Ash's comment to Amanda was very telling – how would you feel if Tabby had met Val first and everyone told you that you couldn't be with Kyrian because they were enemies?