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Unleash the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon The story of Wren and Maggie …

At first I was a bit lukewarm about this book, not least because Wren 'read' a bit like Tiger from Jennifer Ashley's Tiger Magic (I appreciate that Unleash the Night predates Tiger Magic but I read the latter first).

Wren is a ligard (a leopard/Tiger cross). an orphan who lives at Sanctuary he is ostracised by all and barely speaks to anyone, hiding behind his dreadlocked hair.

Maggie is the daughter of a Senator who hangs out with a group of rich, privileged idiots, of course she is the only nice one. A former friend of Nick Gaultier's, Maggie misses him and the story starts as she and her friends decide to bid him farewell by having a drink at Sanctuary.

Maggie and Wren meet, they instantly feel an attraction to each other. Wren is verbally abused by one of Maggie's oafish 'friends' who throws a drink on Wren before being kicked out of the bar. Wren subsequently saves Maggie from being mugged (and possibly raped). One thing leads to another and the two spend time together.

The usual angst ensues. Wren can't be with a human, he is a pariah in the animal world blah, blah. Maggie's father would never stomach her being with a tattooed busboy in a rough biker bar etc, etc.

Then things turned interesting, Maman Peltier the matriarch of Sanctuary turns against Wren and appears to stoop to lying in order to get him removed by denouncing him to the Omegrion (sp?).

There is a ludicrous plot involving Wren being the sole heir to 52% of the second largest computer company after Microsoft and his mother and uncle and cousin plotting to kill him in order to inherit which involves lots of travelling back and forward in time and hiding in closets. At least three plot issues (Maggie becoming a tiger, Wren and Maggie becoming mated and the true identity of the body in Aristotle's bedroom) get resolved by a "Ta Da" bit of jiggery pokery which felt too contrived.

I feel as though these books are all a bit samey, lone tortured hero has no joy in life. His tortured past weighs heavily on him, he is misunderstood/mistreated by everyone (except Ash, naturally) and can never be with someone because he is unworthy blah, blah. Just once I would like the hero to have a rich life with lots of friends etc, someone happily screwing his way through the female population to find his mate, a debonair playboy type with two happily-married, living, parents and maybe lots of siblings. You know, just for a change of pace!