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Never Deal with Dragons - Lorenda Christensen Ok, so I won this book as part of Dear Author's August Giveaway which may explain some of the feelgood factor about this book …

But, anyway I really enjoyed this – the premise that Dragons were created as a unexpected side effect from developing a cure for cancer (all the unnecessary gene splicing samples were tossed together into an incinerator). World War III has taken place but ended shortly after the humans turned on the Dragons – naturally!

Dragons now rule the world and humans are struggling to fit around them. Our heroine, Myrna Banks, is a dragonspeaker and works for DRACIM (a kind of human/dragon liaison). Myrna is acting as the assistant to Emory, a pompous incompetent twit, because a year ago her boyfriend, Trian, left her and took confidential DRACIM papers with him. Myrna nearly lost her job completely but instead was demoted – she still does all the work but he takes the credit.

The inevitable happens. Myrna's ex comes back on the scene working (in some shady capacity) for the local Dragon Lord, Lord Relobu. A group of scientists attached to the Dragon Lord's staff had gone to China to visit a research laboratory and had been detained by the Chinese Dragon Lord. Lord Relobu wants DRACIM to help him negotiate for the release of his staff.

Together Trian and Myrna (plus friends) must try to negotiate with an egotistical Chinese Dragon Lord and discover why he captured them in the first place. There's lots of blood and gore (not for the vegetarians amongst us), double-dealing and romance along the way.

I've got to say I saw a couple of things coming – but that didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the book. I only wish it could have been longer. I would say this was an action/mystery with a bit of romance, rather than a romance with a bit of plot thrown in – which also makes a nice change.