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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton I can't decide if I liked this or not.

Caroline moves into her bosses rent-controlled flat (I'm English – we don't have apartments, or Condos). Everything is peachy, well except for two things: after a particularly disastrous one night stand she has been unable to have an orgasm; and her next-door neighbour is having energetic sex with a stream of women – unfortunately she can hear absolutely everything as his bed frame bangs against their connecting bedroom walls (hence the Wallbanger). Eventually one night she snaps and bangs on his door in the middle of the night, dressed in a small pink baby-doll nightie. Lots of verbal sparring ensues and they look to be mortal enemies.

However, by means I now forget, his friends and her friends meet (possibly over a mutual sing-song through the offending wall) and it turns out that the two guys are the perfect (on paper) matches for the two girls. One way or another Caroline and Simon (for the Wallbanger has a name) are forced into each other's company and decide to call a truce – one which slowly develops into friendship. Deep into contemporary romance tropes here, they feel a mutual attraction but Caroline doesn't want to be part of the harem and Simon isn't looking for a girlfriend – he likes his harem with benefits. And action …

So, why the ambivalence? On the plus side, good fluent writing, excellent use of sarcasm, some clever lines, I particularly liked:

"'Would you like wine?'
'Am I breathing?'
'Yes to wine then'"

I enjoyed the general lack of angst – unlike many novels these days – yes Wallbanger was an orphan but that was it, no great psychological trauma or other "issues" – it just was. I also enjoyed the fact that both characters were reasonably self-aware, there were no misunderstandings, no push-me, pull-me. In other words, this was fresh and different and funny (yay).

I liked the harem – both the names Caroline gives them and the way in which they (and by extension Wallbanger) were portrayed.

I also liked the awareness of things European – although do Americans really say Limeys? I know it's a pathetic point but so many authors write about Europe as if it is either stuck in the middle ages (or at least Dickensian times) or don't know that there are differences between American English and British English – anyway going wildly off topic.

On the downside, I loathed and detested the conversations between Backbone, Nerves, Heart, Head and LC – they were a joke taken waaaaay too far and every time they were mentioned I threw up a little in my mouth. I also disliked (although less strongly) the scene in the car where we heard all four people's thoughts in rotation – odd because it didn't happen anywhere else in the book.

And the characterisation of O – yuck. Although I loved the concept and thought the trip to Spain was well done, when they finally had sex, after waiting until the right moment, she doesn't have an orgasm I thought the way it was described was toe-curling (and not in an O kind of way).

So, what am I saying? It could have been a four stars (and that would have been two in two days – inconceivable!) but for the Head, Nerves, LC and O references and maybe the car thoughts chapter. Overall I did enjoy it, especially the banter and innuendo between Caroline and Wallbanger so it gets a solid 3, maybe even a 3.5 stars.