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I quite liked Sage, she was tenacious and wouldn't let go of a story, Johnny was a bit dim – way too much "ask no questions" for my liking although his cookery skills won him awards.

The story, whilst being wildly different to the previous ones, still appeared to follow the same pattern of having two separate criminals which muddied the waters. AND, yet again, one of the criminals was a close acquaintance – I know I was yelling at my Kindle very early on – "don't trust him!".

The plot, Sage (who is Lucy's niece) is an investigative reporter. Her wealthy flatmate has allegedly committed suicide instead of going on an organised "abduction" offered by a thrill-seekers website. Sage refuses to believe that her flatmate committed suicide and tries to get Lucy's help. Lucy has investigated and is convinced that the website is legitimate and that Sage's flatmate never made it to the arranged abduction – apparently the drop-out rate is quite high! Knowing Sage won't let it drop, Lucy arranges for one of the bullet-catchers (Johnny) to be the knight in shining armour that rescues Sage, but she. Doesn't. Tell. Johnny. Why.

The plot kind of held together although there were way too many coincidences for my liking.