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First You Run - Roxanne St. Claire This is the first in a trilogy of Bullet Catcher novels (and I'll say no more about that).

I found Fletch's Australian accent difficult to hear in my head because I'm English and so when he used words like "Mum" and "luv" I heard an English accent – my issue not the author's!

So Miranda has written a book about the Maya (Mayan is the language) which debunks the myth that the world will end on 31 December 2012. She is on a book tour to promote the book but is being harassed by a group who are convinced that she is wrong.

Fletch is helping his friend Jack look for the daughter of a woman, currently serving life in prison, Jack is convinced that the woman is innocent (I'm never sure how he reached that conclusion or even met the woman). The kicker is that the woman has leukaemia and needs a bone marrow transfusion. Thirty years earlier (about eight months before the murder for which she is serving life imprisonment) she gave away her baby for adoption because she was an unmarried mother. Jack has enlisted Fletch to find the daughter based on a list of female children adopted in that year from the home. There may have been more to the story than that but it wasn't really important other than to explain why there weren't proper records of the adoption. Apparently the daughter was tattooed somewhere on her body by the nurse at the mother's request – this was often done so that the mother could identify her child later in life.

So, Fletch is going through a list of women, trying to get them naked to identify whether they have an identifying tattoo – he doesn't know what the tattoo looks like or where it is on the body!

Miranda is his next target – he goes along to one of her book reading/signing events only to save her when one of "the end of the world is nigh" starts a near riot. Fletch sweet talks Miranda in order to try to get her naked and persuades her to keep him around as protection – however, he soon finds out that she has no idea that she is adopted.

The trouble at the book signing is only the start of a series of events, including the bombing of a book store, which threaten her life. She and Fletch get closer but he is running out of time – does Miranda have the tattoo?

I won't spoil the story, which is suitably wacky and YET AGAIN involves two different villains and classic misdirection. Nevertheless, because of the overarching story arc which begins in this book I felt it had more substance than the previous books.