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Then You Hide - Roxanne St. Claire The second in the trilogy (but book five in the Bullet Catchers series). We now know that Eileen had triplets which she gave up for adoption. Miranda is not a match for Eileen so the hunt is on for the other two daughters.

Lucy wants former sniper Wade to join Bullet Catchers and offers him a dream assignment. Track down a blonde (Miranda's sister) in the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, Vanessa is a potty-mouthed, Wall Street Fund Manager trying to track down her best friend who has gone AWOL on a Caribbean cruise – she doesn't understand the word no and is on a one-woman mission to find Clive. Clive is hiding from an unknown murderer with the help of a somewhat sinister man who says he is in love with Clive but wants to control him.

Vanessa is well aware who her mother is and has no interest in seeing her – or donating bone marrow to a woman who abandoned her as a baby. Especially because her father was killed shortly after visiting her in prison. Rightly or wrongly Vanessa blames her birth mother for his death (and she hates guns as a result).

So, Wade the soft-spoken southern gentleman who kills for a living and Vanessa the potty-mouthed woman who hates guns are thrown together. They make a pact, he will help her find Clive and in return she will meet her birth mother. But someone is sending Vanessa on a wild goose chase, and someone (maybe the same person) is trying to frighten or kill her – what was Clive into and why is someone trying to kill him and Vanessa?

This was probably my favourite in the series so far. Although Vanessa occasionally exhibited signs of being TSTL she managed to draw back from the brink (for me). Also, her tendency to rush in was totally explained by her 100 miles a minute attitude to everything.

Ms St Claire mixed it up a bit with the villains this time – although I thought the body count was a bit high considering (for once) that the culprit(s) weren't totally bonkers – I won't spoil it for you but there wasn't her usual two! Yeah, I know shocking.

We still don't know who the mysterious villain is who framed Eileen and has scared her so much that she daren't tell Jack his name … but all will revealed.

Oh, and I liked Vanessa (apart from her TSTL tendencies)- I liked her swearing.