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Now You Die - Roxanne St. Claire The final book in the trilogy.

Jack has pieced together most of Eileen's story and with the help of the tattoos on Miranda and Vanessa's necks (even though Vanessa's has been removed they can tell from the shape what it was) and Eileen's comments that "he" is all powerful, all-seeing etc, etc has determined that one of the US's highest ranked Judges is probably the girls' father.

Jack and Lucy clearly have some history although exactly what the history is not explained until later in the book. Dan certainly hates Jack, although that is because Jack accidentally shot him on a mission – an action which got him sacked from Bullet Catchers when it transpires that his trigger finger had been injured when a police officer which resulted in him being retired from service: something which he neglected to tell Bullet Catchers.

Can Jack persuade Lucy to help him bring down the Judge? Well of course he can otherwise there would be no story!

Jack is a bit like Vanessa in the previous book. He is all gung-ho action without planning whereas Lucy is more measured. She wants the truth and justice whereas Jack is more motivated by revenge.

I must say I didn't really feel the relationship between Jack and Lucy. They shared a night (off camera) together some undefined period of time earlier which they have both buried under the proverbial carpet. Did that trigger Jack's drinking? Or was it being kicked out of Bullet Catchers 10 days later (after shooting Dan)? Or had he been an alcoholic before then? I think we all knew the bare bones of Lucy's secret although we finally hear the whole story – but it's a throw-away (unless it was actually a short story/novella in a compilation which I haven't read – in which case the brief précis is sufficient). Did Jack always act that way to Lucy or has he changed since that night? Using innuendo to say what you really feel but make it a joke I understand but I don't understand why Jack had to manipulate and play power games – didn't he feel that Lucy respected him professionally?

Although the story was enjoyable and fast-paced, in retrospect it did seem a bit like a French farce with secret passageways (multiple), double-crosses, traitors, lost daughters, crazed killers and alligators. Maybe I'm getting my heroines confused after reading so many of these on the bounce but it felt like Lucy lost her phone about five times (well at least twice).

And she's back to her old tricks with the villains - and it wasn't a surprise.