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Glitter and Gunfire - Cynthia Eden How annoying I accidentally clicked away and lost the review I had been writing!

Anyway, this is the fourth in the Shadow Agents series and I think Cynthia Eden has really hit her stride. I was very lukewarm about the first novel, Alpha One, although I can't find the review I was convinced I had written! Anyway, when I read Alpha One I had the impression that Ms Eden didn't know very much about the military and so was compensating by inserting a lot of explanations/jargon – too much telling and not enough showing.

The blurb says: " Cale Lane had his orders: keep Cassidy Sherridan alive at all costs. But who sent six armed men storming the Rio ballroom to take her out? The gorgeous party girl wasn't giving it up. Now he had a more urgent mission: uncover Cassidy's secrets...one by one.

Cassidy didn't need the former Texas Ranger to play hero and blow her cover. Using herself as bait was the first step in bringing a killer to justice."

What made this intriguing is that the romance part was done and dusted really quickly, thereafter it was thriller all the way. There are still a few issues which I find endemic with this genre, ie I thought it was blindingly obvious who the bad guy was and had a few 'shout at the Kindle' moments but the way in which both Cale and Cassidy actually acted like adults rather than petulant teenagers was refreshing. I really felt a growing professional respect for each other's capabilities develop in the novel and Cassidy wasn't some trembling heroine – she was kick-ass.

This is shaping up to be an intriguing series which is mixing up the standard romantic thriller genre. Looking forward to the next one. Who could it be?