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Hunt Her Down - Roxanne St. Claire Dan Gallagher's story.

So Lucy has fallen in love with Jack and Dan is leaving the Bullet Catchers - everyone thinks it is to (metaphorically) lick his wounds but he tells them its personal.

Indeed it is. Fourteen years ago he was an FBI agent undercover to bring down a Venezuelan drugs family, whilst undercover he had a torrid affair with a young (18 years old) girlfriend of the Don's son. As part of his cover his death during the FBI raid was faked and she has believed that he died for the past 14 years. But now the Don and his son have been released from prison and Dan has to make sure that the woman is safe and/or warn her that they are free.

When he visits the woman, Maggie, at he rbar in Florida he finds the old attraction is still there - but Maggie has a very big secret. It seems like everyone wants something from Maggis - something she knows nothing about - and only Dan and the Bullet Catchers can keep her safe.

Again this was pleasant enough, Ms St Claire does love her two competing villains tropes (is it a trope if its personal to her?) and this one is no excpetion. I cna never work out with these romantic thrillers whether the bady guy's identity is meant to be obvious (because its a romance first and foremost) or whether I just find them too well-signposted.

Having said that, the romance was kind of lacking in this too. Maggie's never stopped loving Dan deep down (although she also hates him for being an FBI narc and [she thinks] using her to get information). Dan thinks it's just lust and fully intends to walk away. And then suddenly, he changes. No gradual realisation, actually no sudden realisation, just suddenly he loves her.

So, I realise that I always focus on the negatives. The story was well-constructed, some inconsequential throwaway details are brought back into play later in the book vey cleverly. I'm happy to keep on reading but I didn't really warm to Dan.