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Make Her Pay - Roxanne St. Claire for the surprise factor 3.5 stars

So the last in my marathon run of Bullet Catchers novels. It concerns Con (with the unpronounceable surname) and Lizzy. Con is a former high-end thief given a second chance by the Bullet Catchers. His mission? To join a secret dive mission and identify a thief. Lizzy is the daughter of a world-famous diver, part of the secretive dive mission with secrets of their own.

Not that anyone has been following my reviews, but if hypothetically you had, you will know that I have an issue with Ms St Claire's novels in that she has a penchant for having two separate criminals with different agendas both plotting at the same time (sometimes ostensibly together and other times oblivious to each other). Well, you'll be pleased to know that she hasn't changed, but … I completely got one of them wrong! Yep, didn't see it coming at all, totally gobsmacked. So 10 out of 10 for that one.

As to the romance, meh. Con only got introduced yesterday (and I do mean yesterday because that's when I read book 7 where he was first mentioned), so we had no real for him and I don't think we got much more in this book. Thief with a heart of gold, misunderstood and falsely accused seeking a way back to the good guys is a bit hackneyed and heaven save me from one more Alpha male who says he can't be trusted or isn't who she thinks he is – puhlease! Similarly, I really didn't understand Lizzy's mission – I mean really does anyone really give a rat's arse about what their ancestors did or didn't do over a 100 years ago? Why would you make it a family mission to clear the man's name when what he was being accused of would be something that most people would brag about: "oh, my great, great, great grandfather was a famous pirate!"!

As always, I have a number of logistical questions about some of the plot – some may be because I don't read carefully enough. Others because they seem to get glossed over.

1. Did Dave kill the bimbo diver (forgot her name Atila?)? Or did the son? And why was she killed?
2. How did Dave get the snake into Lizzy's house – was he also a master thief?
3. How did everyone get to Corvo so quickly? Con had the Bullet Catchers' private jet (natch) but how did Sam and Charlotte and Dave get there so fast when Lizzy thought it would take three days?
4. Why did Dave kill Solange?
5. What was the plot about Solange and her husband in New York and why on earth did she think that getting the sceptres would make him take her back?
6. If Solange had so much money why didn't she leave Corvo?
7. I don't understand the ownership issue over the sceptres. Surely, either proof of ownership or salvage rights takes precedence and I don't see why that would necessitate a lengthy court battle. Moreover, I think a museum would gladly fund the litigation if it were going to be the recipient.
8. Would all the dodgy art dealers and collectors in the world REALLY agree not to buy the treasure just because a thief asks them to? No quid pro quo?
9. How did all those convenient ownership papers happen to end up hidden on Corvo? And why would copies of the manifest be in Mexico/Cuba/Brazil (nope that either)?