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Devil May Cry - Sherrilyn Kenyon The story of Kat and Sin.

Remember Kat from a few books back - she was Artemis' handmaid who was acting as a bodyguard for Cassandra? Anyway there was something hinky about her and Ash - he wasn't allowed to see her or hear of her presence. Well now we know why!

Kat is the daughter of Ash and Artemis. Artemis tried to tell Ash about his daughter but this was immediately after she betrayed him so he first refused to talk to her, then she presented the baby in such a way that he felt it was a generic baby left as an offering to the gods rather than his daughter. So for thousands of years Artemis and Kat have kept her existence a secret from all.

Sin is a former Sumerian God, posing as a Dark-Hunter, his role in life is to kill the Gallu demons – a menace to humans which none of the other gods seem to care about. His powers were stripped from him by Kat, on Artemis' orders, under the mistaken impression that he had attacked Artemis.

Finally, book 12 and I awarded a four star rating. We finally got to hear some of Ash and Artie's backstory, get the 411 on Kat and see Daimons being nice. By this stage I am starting to mentally tick off each character and think, 'yep, gonna get his/her story soon'. I liked the banter between Sin and Kat, I liked the way in which the inevitable uncovering of betrayal was not overblown, I liked that the (also inevitable) self-sacrifice was short-lived and less angsty than usual.

I also enjoyed the insight into Ash' motivations and why all the gods are so, quite frankly, awful. Apparently, it is only (and I am paraphrasing wildly) some deeply cataclysmic event like losing one's god-powers which teaches gods concepts like compassion. Presumably this is why each of the Dark-Hunters had such appalling lives!

Still having 'issues' with the Dream-Hunters, hence book 11 is still listed as 'currently reading' but I will soldier on.