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Million Dollar Wife - Margaret O'Neil There was nothing really wrong with this book barring a couple of minor typos (Marja becomes Mara at one point for example).

Bryce is a world-famous film star, a widower with twin daughters he is still in love with his wife and has resisted all lures from other women –his sister has set him up with any number of women but he is not interested.

One night at a party at his sister's house Bryce is hiding in the library when he is joined by Marja – she is overwhelmed by the party and trying to hide out too. Bryce is dismissive of Marja, too tall, too thin looks like a school teacher – pretty sure she was wearing glasses too although they seem to disappear after this scene.

What is apparently a year later (time seems a bit vague in this book), Bryce comes home from work at midnight to find Marja in his kitchen. Apparently his daughters have driven off yet another nanny and there is no time to hire a new one so his sister, Anne, has roped in Marja who has a degree in child psychology (or something) and is a college professor (presumably between tenures?).

Within a day Bryce decides that Marja would make the perfect mother for his daughters – they need a mother not a nanny – and proposes a deal. Marja to marry him and be a mother to his daughters for 10 years, at US$1 million a year. Although she is horrified, Marja is already half in love with the twins so she agrees, but there are stipulations, after 12 months she wants to adopt the twins and there will be no sex – Bryce counters that after 12 months there will be sex.

Everything after this was a bit wishy-washy. Marja has a bit of a make-over, Bryce realises he finds her very attractive. She has been rejected and humiliated by her first husband which makes her wary of men. He has a bad temper. Blah, blah.

And then, out of nowhere, at about 80% there is a random suspense plot WTF?

There were also hints at supernatural with Bryce feeling a cold breath against the back of his neck more than once.

Also, there seems to be a storyline where Bryce realises his first wife was not such a nice person – but it doesn't go anywhere. Why can't he just find love a second time rather than suggesting that his first wife was somehow undeserving?
So, as I said, nothing intrinsically wrong with it, I didn't LOVE either of the characters or the twins and there seemed random plots which appeared out of nowhere. The love scenes were old school Mills and Boon – in fact I couldn't swear hand on heart that they actually did IT!