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Bluegrass Undercover - Kathleen Brooks Annie is a small curvy DEA agent who is a little too handy with her fists. After she punches a drug dealer (deservedly since he had fondled her and hit her first) she is transferred to a small town where apparently the latest steroid-replacement is being manufactured and sold to impressionable boys to improve their athletic performance.

Annie comes across well, she is a fighter from start to finish and has great self-confidence. Of course she has a sob-story to explain why she has no friends or family - don't they always.

Cade, the coach of the football team, is a bona fide national hero, a former ranger with a drawer full of medals, he is also the local science teacher. Annie mistakenly rescues him twice when she first arrives in the town - believing him to be incapable.

The story was reaosnable enough - I guessed the identity of the Boss in the first few chapters, although I did waver and think there might be two villains with different motivations about part way through.

However, there is one aspect of the book that I can't decide whether I liked or whether it made the whole thing descend into the realms of the absurd. In this small town everyone knows everyone. Cade is one of six, his sister is engaged to an FBI agent, one of his brothers owns a security business, one is incredibly wealthy and one is simply mysterious. All of them were rangers (I think). There is also a prince who lives in town, together with his bodyguard and wife. Oh and there is some mysterious lawyer who knows everything. The entire town (except the baddies, natch) knows that Annie is an undercover DEA agent but keep it quiet, even though keeping it quiet only means finding out from your cousin's wife's second cousin's nephew! Hell even the local police in this tiny place are sharp as tacks.

It gave a feeling of unreality to the story. Added to this the story didn't really have any depth. It was as if it was a very long summary of a story - not a whole lot of emotion, not a whole lot of action, not a whole lot of cute rural life, not a whole lot of football - just summaries of all of them.