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The End of Me - Tara Brown I L.O.V.E.D this.

I was expecting a light fluffy, soccer mom investigates nefarious goings on at the PTA - shoulda read the blurb more carefully!

Evie is a former CI agent whose husband has died, she finds out that her marriage was a sham, he was shagging anything that didn't stand still. More worrying, he was also an agent for CI but apparently he had been turned. Evie is now being held responsible for his mistakes by EVERYONE!

Can Evie forget hot yoga and the PTA and remember her training? Who can she trust and what is the truth?

Evie is 36 and a mother of two. She is grieving the loss of her marriage and lost in a world she left a decade ago. Yet she brings her 'marital skills' to bear in her interactions with international drug dealers and the alphabet agencies.

There were a few typos but overall - woo-hoo what a great book, funny and grown-up.