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Frigid - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout 3.5 stars</>

Well I'd sworn off NA/YA books because I was starting to get a tad homicidal at the sheer predictability of it all but I kept looking at this one and hesitating so I took the plunge.

Yes. there are some of the stock elements of the genre. Man-whore boy with tattoos, semi-virginal nerd girl, both have stupid names, first person POV (although it does alternate between them).

But there the NA/YA-ness that I have come to hate ended. The story was different. There were really no friends/no bars/no fights (well except from those friends, those nights drinking Jose and those fights!).

So Kyler is a man-whore, he looks like a Greek god but (apparently) with better man-parts. A kid from a trailer park his mother has built up a successful bar restoration (nope, not a clue) business but (for some reason) he still feels like the poor kid that everyone looks down on.

Sydney has been Kyler's BFF since they were 6 (or 9, anyway young) and she has been in love with him pretty much since he pushed her off the swing. But she is allegedly frigid after one sexual experience.

A group of friends agree to visit Kyler's mother's lodge just before Christmas for their ritual ski holiday. But a snow storm starts up and only Kyler and Syd arrive before the blizzard sets in. Add in unfriendly locals and tequila ...

I really enjoyed this book, OK the premise was a bit far-fetched but then Syd's friend said, and I paraphrase when girls are in love with a guy they can't have they tend to avoid other guys, when guys are in love with someone they can't have they try to block it out with meaningless sex with a parade of one-night stands. Given that premise the story hangs together.