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Alpha Instinct - Katie Reus Yawn

I had the distinct impression that I had read this book before.

Lone female in charge of her pack - check
Bossy, monosyllabic Alpha she's forced to join forces with - check
psychotic Alpha who treats females badly wants to mate with her - check

Just once I'd like the male were lead to be a Beta, or even (shock)an intellectual. Could someone think of a more original way of mating? Also why do all were novels have the couple having sex even though they don't talk to/respect/trust/love each other.

Also I think whoever approved/designed the cover ought to be prosecuted under the Trades Description Act. The female lead is not by any stretch of the imagination kick-ass, quite frankly she's a bit wet.

The only person I was remotely interested in was the mysterious enforcer Jayce Kazan - I might read a book where he's the lead