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Dance of Seduction - Elle Kennedy Maybe 2 is too harsh, 2.5 maybe

This started out so well and the writing was fine, no howling grannatical mistakes to put me off

But halfway through I started to get really angry with the two men in the book and as the book went on I also got really angry with the two women.

For one, I am 46 so the idea of a 44 year old woman being bossed around by a 30 year old man is laughable. She has a 20 something daughter for heaven's sake!

Also the brother and the "love interest" telling a grown woman what she does and doesn't want is ridiculous.

Then she goes and "realises" that she really misses San Francisco! Her character lost all credibility as far as I was concerned.

I also question the mindset that thinks that ballet is superior to other forms of dancing. A hundred years ago men went to the ballet to ogle women's scantily-clad bodies and ballet dancers were considered to be no better than prostitutes! So it is very hypocritical to suggest that dancing (not stripping) in a bar is akin to a peep show!

Maybe you would say this is the sign of a good book that even now three days later my blood is still boiling ...

It just seemed that the heroine had some real 'normal' issues and was trying to rebuild her life and she was being put down and bullied by her closest friends and family - but apparently that's ok because they really did know better than she did - even though they didn't know the whole story - sheesh