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Fresh Temptation (Barboza Brothers,#1) - Reeni Austin Where to start?

I found the whole make up a job to get a girl to work for you too creepy to take seriously.

It all felt (nod to Callisto) a bit phoned in. Billionaire male (tick), single mum lost her job (tick), stalker ex (tick), keeping a secret (tick). The secret was also a non-event - so what?

I found the "romance" scenes unattractive half full of euphemisms and the other half full of less than appealing realism (he wiped his mouth on his sleeve - euch). There didn't appear to be any chemistry between them so I found the random sex rather surprising.

This was a kindle freebie and I am very thankful because even 77p would be too much. Won't be byuying the rest of the series.