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King of Darkness - Elisabeth Staab First on Ms Staab's books that I have read and I liked it.

I think the premise at the beginning slightly petered out by the end and became more mainstream paranormal but even so it was a pleasant read.

What actually warranted me awarding the book a fourth star (as opposed to my normal 3 stars) was that the male lead wasn't a taciturn, alpha-a*hole like every other book I've read recently. He had what felt like genuine concerns about stepping up and being worthy. He wasn't obtuse, he didn't have a deep angst that coloured all his interactions with the female lead. He was worthy and kind and self-deprecating - OMG have I missed a normal hero.

The female lead was the one who slightly went backwards in my opinion. In the opening chapter she was a bit edgy, a bit "wow, never seen that before, she really is a 20th century vampire and he seems a bit old skool stuffy in comparison". But then after the scene in the waiting room she seemed to fade away a bit (being vague so as not to spoiler)into just another female falling into an unknown situation.

Anyway, lots of dangling story lines for book 2 - Lee, Tyra, Ivy, Agnessa (sp?), Xander, Anton, Lexi - can't wait to find out what happens next.