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Mine to Take - Cynthia Eden I love Cynthia Eden's books but this one felt a bit flat to me.

Part of the meh comes from a soupcon of Fifty Shades in the male lead. I am soooo tired of domineering, autocratic alpha males with dom tendencies and this probably influenced my reading of the book.

Without spoilering I understand why he was written that way but some of his actions/behaviour seemed unrealistic/creepy and made him less believable.

I enjoyed the eenie-meenie-miney-mo of trying to guess who the stalker was (or wasn't). But, that came at the expense of developing the stalker - in her serial killer novels (the Deadly series) the killer is far more scary and 'real' - this novel (novella?) was too short to really get a sense of the female lead's fear.

So, I didn't really like the male lead and that may have been coloured (pun intended) by my hatred of Fifty Shades to some extent. I will still order all of Cynthia's future books but I definitely prefer her paranormal books.