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Between Friends - Amanda Cowen I only got to 45% read on my Kindle and had to abandon the book before I tried to hurt myself!

The story is as old as the hills - if you've read the blurb on Amazon/the back cover you know the deal. Nothing wrong with that, I like a little light-hearted chick-lit with a New Adult bias but this was JUST so badly written I could cry.

A few choice examples from my Kindle (got to love the bookmark and notes feature)

"I let him run his fingers in my warm insides" - does that sound to you like he has his hands in her entrails?

"I wake up to a thin line of the golden sun hindering on the horizon" - nope, I have absolutely no idea what she means either.

"I wish I could blurt out my secret about Ben and get it off my chest. But of course I withhold under better judgement" - sorry, lost me again.

"He pulls me up from my lounger, and I say goodbye to the girls with a guilty conscious" - conscience anyone?

"I feel completely mortified and worrisome, so I casullay pull away and feel obligated to announce..." - she put in a lot of big words there but not many made much sense.

There are also several instances of using "peak" when she means "peek".

But, my absolute favourite, the one which made me throw in the towel, was this classic "I don't move when he slips his hands inside me" - his hands? Forgive my crudeness but how big is her vagina?

Added to this I didn't find any of the characters endearing, likeable or plausible.