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Forget Me Not - Marliss Melton Solid 3 stars

Heavy on the romance and light on the suspense. I liked the premise of Gabe trying to win back his wife after being a prisoner of North Korean terrorists for a year.

Gabe and Helen and Mallory were all nicely drawn and likeable characters - although Gabe post-kidnapping was maybe a little too good to be true.

My biggest gripe was that Ms Melton chose to give him the nickname/call sign "Jaguar", Jaguar FFS! I struggle to visualise a group of Navy SEALs calling one of their colleagues "Jaguar", especially because, if I recall correctly, it was baecause his eyes looked like a Jaguar. And he drove a Jaguar car!!!!!!

So, I may have to convert this book into RTF just so that I can change his name to something more believable!

I'm already half way through the second book - it seems to have avoided falling into the repetitious trap that so many of these series fall prey to - review when I finish it.