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Prince of Power - Elisabeth Staab Ok, another good book from Ms Staab. This one didn't merit four stars - mainly because I wanted to know more about Lexi (so I'm petulant, get over it).

Once again I found Ms Staab's heroine to be the less likeable/ plausible/ [fill in the blank] character. It felt like every other chapter someone said "Tyra, don't go off on your own and fight the baddies, don't use up all your strength and leave yourself vulnerable" and what did she do EVERY SINGLE TIME? Yep, she never learned a thing.

I did however like Anton - although the way his character was written I pictured him as a bit wimpy/geeky rather than the muscular man Tyra described.

I rather liked Xander's progression - and I didn't see that coming so that was a nice surprise.

And Agnessa's physical appearance is explained ...

The next book better be about Lexi or I'm gonna get mad!

One criticism - the big bad in the first two books has been conspicuous by his absence - no chapters set in the evil lair to hear his dastardly plots, no real feel for his motivation, no minions discussing his evil plans. As a consequence I didn't really feel the fear or enjoy the resolution.

Finally, maybe someone can help me out? I don't understand Tyra's parentage AT ALL. Answers on a postcard please.