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Heller - J.D. Nixon 3.5 stars

Took me ages to work out why I found this slightly 'odd' and realised it was because it was written by an Australian - being English I recognised many words as not being American but the scenery/setting weren't British! I'm quite ashamed that it took me so long to figure it out. I also found the use of the word 'lounge' odd, in UK English it means a room whereas I assume in Australian English it means sofa/settee/lounger. Answers on a postcard please.

Anyhoo, I really liked the idea of this but towards the end I became less enamoured. The premise reminded me of Stephanie Plum in some ways, the female lead, Tilly, is a bit of a laughing stock and failing miserably when she lands a dream job with unbelievable perks working for the enigmatic Heller.

Tilly gets herself into lots of scrapes and is totally out of her depth, yet manages to somehow finesse her way out again - very Stephanie Plum. Like many others I found aspects of Tilly's job working for the polygamous preacher and his five wives very funny, especially the attempted deprogramming.

I liked the secondary characters a lot and want to hear their stories in the later books.

I must confess I have read some of the other reviews (shouldn't really as they inevitably colour my views and/or make me think of things that I hadn't previously). I see what others are saying about the various attempted rapes and I can see that there are several instances in one book - sadly it does seem to be an instinctive male reaction to grab at women when drunk or in aggressive situations. Each instance worked within the individual stories and I didn't feel they were unnecessary.

My main gripe was Heller. He started off as an enigma, with an altruistic attitude towards his employees and towards the end started to come across as an Australian Christian Gray - not a compliment! Honestly, his behaviour would be unacceptable to me as a boyfriend or close family member - from your boss it is seriously weird and downright disturbing. I also found his attitude somewhat inconsistent - would he really suddenly start behaving like a clingy 15 year old one minute and then go on a bender and have unprotected sex with a random woman and then try to have an affair/sex with an employee?

Anyway, for a self-published book I thought it was extremely good and my issues with the book won't stop me from buying the next book in the series.