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Raising Innocence (Rylee Adamson, #3) - Shannon Mayer Another cracking book, can't wait for the fourth which is out in just a few weeks.

But a few gripes, I know this is fiction, and fantasy at that. I know that there aren't really ogres and werewolves etc but everything else in the books I've read to date has been written as though it is this world but there are creatures out there that mere humans can't see/ don't know about. Then Rylee comes to London (did you see the possessiveness there?) and steps straight into Mary Poppins!

1. In the UK "pants" means underwear - if a strange man says wait until I put on my pants it means he is naked from the waist down. In the UK we say trousers.

2. No-one I have ever met calls policemen "bobbies" (Mary Poppins excepted), "coppers" yes, I can even allow "fuzz", albeit only from a teenager.

3. London police stations are, by and large, extremely high tech as a result of the terrorist threats to the UK from the IRA and Al Quaeda. The idea that a central London police station would have gas lights converted to electric is risible.

4. We don't refer to citizens of the USA as "Yanks" (well not since the 1940s), we just use "Americans" like the rest of the world. It felt unrealistic for that person to call Rylee a "dumb Yank" - especially because the insult was contextually wrong, Rylee hadn't demonstrated ignorance, maybe "gun happy American" or "shoot first, ask questions later cowboy" would have been more appropriate?

Anyhoo, had to get that off my chest (and being British I didn't feel comfortable telling Shannon Mayer on her facebook page so I'm being all passive agressive on Goodreads!).

Other than that, what a rollercoaster, all our old favourites are there good and bad. Rylee meets some new friends and we get introduced to some more arcane creatures!

People seems to change sides "are they good, are they bad?" from chapter to chapter and we find out what the blue socks are all about.

There's sadness, there's betrayal, a baby, zombies, druids, vomiting (actually lots of vomiting and blood magic.