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Run to Me - Christy Reece 3.5 stars

I liked this better than the second book.

The uber-villain was just as mad as ever - seriously, he has developed some kind of drug cocktail that makes people lose all memory and act like automatons.

Villain aside the story was more gripping, a couple torn apart then brought together with the Damoclean sword of memory hanging over them? What's not to love?

Seriously, I liked Ethan more than Noah, sure Ethan still had that I'm too bad for anyone to get close to me, it's my burden to be alone forever boo hoo vibe going on (see my previous review of book 2)but he was likeable.

Shea (another stupid name - does she spend her time thinking up stupid names for her heroines?) was well-drawn as a woman trying to regain her memory and not knowing whom to trust.

And the "twist"? Honestly, not so much, in fact not even a little bit, in fact not even at all (sorry channelling 10 Things I Hate About You for a second). Saw that coming from a mile off with bells and whistles.

A quandary, do I buy book 4? I'm assuming from the set up that it's all about Gabe and his (not-so-much-of-an-)ex-wife, probably the most desired woman in the world and I am intrigued, guess the decision will come down to cost, if it's less than £3 I'll deal, any more and I'll pass.

Update - nearly £5! I think I'll pass.