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In the Dark - Marliss Melton Sorry, reviewing these out of order now!

A good lead in from the first book, Gabe has been rescued but he is in deep trouble. The military don't believe him and he is heading for a court-martial.

Hannah Geary's colleague was murdered in book one - she found his research and was delivering it to Quantico when she was abducted and taken to Cuba. The SEALs find out (How, I can't remember) but as they launch a rescue attempt they find her desperately trying to escape having killed the leader of the abduction group. Luther Linstrom (former NFL player is the SEAL who helps Hannah to safety.

Deperately trying to find evidence to save Gabe/prove that Lovitt is guilty. The SEALS ralise that there is someone superior to Lovitt pulling the strings - the Individual (at this point I snorted in disbelief).

The plot is as wacky as all the rest - a husband and wife assassin duo (is there any other kind), the afore-mentioned the Individual, a silk suit-wearing FBI agent who brought down a Mafia kingpin only to have his family murdered in cold blood as retaliation, a small town in the grip of a corrrupt police officer ... I could go on.

The two main characters are likeable and Westy is charming as the mysterious but friendly sidekick.

Once again the identity of the Individual (surely "the" should be capitalised as well?) was blindingly obvious from the start - not only do spurious characters get introduced and reappear at regular intervals but they also speak strangely - red flags people, red flags.