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Time to Run - Marliss Melton The story of Westy and Sara.

Westy was the mysterious sidekick from book 2. He is the sniper of Team 12 and believes that all snipers are a bit psycho and therefore no normal woman could have a meaningful relationship with him (and vice versa). Of course.

In book 2 he notices Sara, the wife of the JAG lawyer prosecuting Gabe, mainly because she is trying so hard to hide from sight by dressing in drab, shapeless clothing. Even then we can see that he is interested (although I thought she might be a witness [I was confusing Garret the lawyer with Lovitt the baddie] or an undercover agent).

It turns out that Garret is a manipulative, controlling and verbally abusive husband and father. After he kills their son's rabbit with his bare hands, Sara decides to leave him. Having met Westy two or three times when he has displayed random acts of kindness (picking up papers, getting her car to start etc) Sara thinks it is a sign when he informs her he is going home to Oaklahoma and asks if he will give her and her son a lift as they are going to Texas.

Sara and her son stay with Westy on his farm/ranch/homestead while Westy fixes up an old truck which he has agreed to give to Sara for her drive to Texas. In return Sara helps clean his home which his step-father has neglected.

This will make you laugh ... My initial view was that the plot of this book was less far-fetched than the others. Westy's step-father had become involved with a Neo-Nazi supporting group of White Supremacists who have conveniently stored their guns in his home. Westy and Sara stumble across their evil plans to set off a large explosion on Columbus Day. In the meantime, Sara's psychotic husband is randomly terrorising and brutlaising people looking for her.

All's well that ends well - although, writing all these reviews back-to-back has made me realise that in each book the couple feel their differences/ inadequancies/ problems/ incompatabilities mean that they cannot be together. In each case they separate before realising that they do love each other, they can't live without each other, they can make compromises etc.