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Speed Of My Heart - Erika Trevathan 2.5 stars really

Okay, having read a few of these young adult novels I have identified the following themes

1. Written in the first person POV, "I did this", "I did that", "I tossed my chestnut locks over my delicate shoulders"

2. Obsession with describing clothes, hair and make-up of all protagonists, "I chose a bias cut short skirt in a deep red to match my red and white striped halter which ended just above my belly button, showing off my pierced belly button, I slicked (they always slick) some passion fruit lip gloss over my lips and twisted my hair into a sleek pony tail with a blob of product" - I made that up but this is what they are like, page after page (in what are usually pretty short novels) describing boring minutiae.

3. Abuse - parental abuse, ex-boyfriend abuse, mad stalker, rape victims, death of first boyfriend, substance abuse, in the witness protection programme (I made that one up but I bet there's one out there)

4. Arts - one of them is a dancer or a musician or a singer and/or a tattoo artist

5. Tattoos and/or piercings generally

6. Both protagonists being, quite frankly, as thick as pig shit. These books take mutual misunderstandings to a whole new level of "he said, she said" when in most instances by page 50 anyone with half a brain would have said "hey, what are you talking about, I didn't stand you up/leave you/sleep with your best friend" and that would be that! Similarly, everyone else can see from a mile off that the best friend is actually a total nut-job and creepy - why can't she? Ditto that when a guy says he loves you and starts acting all skittish and nervous it usually means he wants to ask you one of the big questions, duh!

7. Usually explicit sex scenes

Okay, musings over. The story of this book was pacey and engaging. Yes it was written from the first person POV but by and large it didn't make me want to stab myself in the eye with a hot needle.

Strangely, about two-thirds of the way through the book it seemed as though the writer had lost her proof reader as the number of mistakes rocketed:
- missing words
- wrong use of apostrophes "my grandparent's house" when she has two grandparents living in the same house
- using "wondering" instead of "wandering"
- weird sentence construction which made me wonder if Ms Trevathan was not a native English speaker "I was a little stunned at the effect just the way he was looking at me had"
- using "I had a reign on my emotions" instead of "I had a rein on my emotions" - although to be fair about half of the books I read make that mistake
- using "effect" when she means "affect"
- using "when your begging me" instead of "when you're (or even better you are) begging me"
- using "who's" when she means "whose"
- using "soley" instead of "solely"

You might think I am being overly picky but I marked all of these on a 30 minute train journey into the office this morning. I lost interest in the plot because the errors were distracting me.

This book counts as New Adult (using my criteria) because it meets points 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 above.

Overall, engaging storyline, albeit a bit OTT two stalkers? marred by the poor proofing and a little too much of point 2. Definitely also a bit heavy on point 6 - we could all see Miranda was a nut job and Cole was nervous because he was going to propose coming with big flashing neon lights. What writers of New Adult books need to learn is subtlety (in my opinion).