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Hope Breaks - Alice Bello Wow, I have no idea how to categorise this ...

So this starts off like a standard light-weight romance. Something has happened in her past and she has come back to her home town to lick her wounds (metaphorically). She was an artist but is now a photographer, having branched out from weddings and graduations to covers for e-books.

Looking for a new cover for her employer's most demanding author she meets Jake, apparently an old friend of her brother, she doesn't remember him but he remembers her. Much sweet PG romancing follows.
Then, at around 77% of the e-book they have sex which was rather more graphic than I had expected given the aforementioned PG status of the book to date. Also note to author piss slit is NOT a word I ever want to be used in relation to a sex act ever again! The spoiler tags are for the delicate amongst us. Also the use of the afore-mentioned spoilered phrase seemed at odds with her writing: kudos for the use of fellatio and clavicle in a novel.

Then of course, the big "thing" happens. And then the books ends. What's that all about?

I do hope that this is a prequel or book one, how can the novella (yeah I saw that afterwards) end so abruptly? Just checked on GR and she has no other books listed! What happened to Hope? Why does she have that strange scar on her wrist? Why can't she hold a paintbrush anymore? Why doesn't she remember Jake? Also as a British reader I have always had yearbook envy (they don't exist in the UK) – why didn't she immediately go home and look him up in the yearbook? Does anyone else think not remembering Jake is a "clue"? Also, I don't understand what his problem is. If he doesn't want her to use the picture don't sign the release. If you sign the release then get over it already. Hope 'fessed up before it went to so-called print so he could have stopped it.

Ok, so going back to my opening line, I don't know how to classify/rate this book. It is nice and sweet, something I could let me grandma read, until it isn't. It is well-written, dare I say articulate, until she uses that phrase. It is a light fluffy romantic comedy with references to the bible and popular culture, until that ending.

Do you know what? For the intrigue factor I'm going to stick my neck out and award it 3.5 stars.